The Now and Then Shop

Vintage Country Furniture, Unique Finds, Re-purposed originals, and All American Made....

Behind the door

When you get there..remember where you came from..

In the shop you will find that everything is made in American, along with unique finds and re-purposed originals.   I wanted to be an outlet that allows others to also follow their dreams, a lot of the pieces are made by small businesses or local men and women.  

With the furniture being made in Ohio by a Army Veteran and his son who came back from Afghanistan wanting to do something totally different.  His unique style and designs gives a one of a kind feel, not something that everyone else has. 

All the Afghans are locally made by Marty Bowen who knits and crochets beautiful quilts.  Her attention to detail shows in her work, with her different designs and techniques. 

As we hear so much about " Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse" , especially from my mom who is a Science teacher,  I wanted to use that way of thinking to create things that serve another purpose.   Re-purposing  or up-cycling, as I like to call it,  older antiques into new and useful forms adds a more eclectic County feel.  Mixing the old and the new  keeps the memories and the good times alive...  It makes you feel happy.

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